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Roots of an Artist: A Cultural Art Experience Not to Forget

Roots of an Artist was my first ever vendor experience as an artist, and I’m happy it was. The people, music, culture, art and food that was represented in that space was inspiring. It was a place where I received tremendous positivity from fellow creators and I even made some new friends. I’ve learned that […]

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Take the Scenic Route, It’s Good for You

It’s a blessing to have grown up on Long Island. To some that may sound strange but I’ve always been amazed at the green scenery and plethora of parks/recs we have available to visit. Whenever I needed to go off the grid and reconnect with my thoughts I found going to a park and being […]

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To Roommate or Not to Roommate?

As I am sure many of you have already lived or are currently living with roommates. When you graduate college and enter adulthood, you have a choice: to roommate or not to roommate? For me, this was a decision which required a lot of thinking. Living with someone can have a drastic impact on your […]

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