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By Mark Okrim (pseudonym) It was twilight hour in Amsterdam’s Red Light District when the drugs started to kick in. Apparently the dark chocolate I had wasn’t just simple and innocent shreds of solidified cacao, but was infused with something that makes some people tune on some Pink Floyd and lay out under the stars […]

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She’s Got the Chops- Meet Anika from Neeksomefood

Today’s interview will be discussing the Instagram chef Anika Ahmed of Neeksomefood. Anika specializes in Pakistani home-cooked dishes that are easy to make and 100% delicious. Let’s dive in. So the name, Neeksomefood, can you tell me more about the inspiration of the name? Well growing up my friends would call me Neeks and I […]

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Most Underrated Vegan Food That All Non-Vegans Should Try

By Kristin Schallhorn Vegan food has a (very undeserved) reputation for being flavorless, which causes some meat-eaters to run away from food with a “vegan” label. But if all vegan food was labeled as such, you might be pretty surprised how much vegan food you actually eat. Oreos, Jell-O, Twizzlers, even Betty Crocker’s Bacon Bits are […]

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The Taste of Sweet Success

Today’s interview is a special one. I had the pleasure to speak with my cousin, baker/entrepreneur Rumaisa Palwala. Her company, “RB Cupcakes” began in 2014. She rebranded to “Sweet Impressions” after her move to Toronto in 2016. We discussed the origins of her success, influences, teamwork and how her making cupcakes played a role in […]

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Zohaib Reviews Shamshiry with Random Tinder Girl

Hey Guys! This is Zohaib from Zohaib’s food reviews and today I review Shamshiry with a girl I met on Tinder. Today I review the Jujeh Kebab. It was very delicious. Watch me enjoy it below! Go to shamshiry, it’s delicious. Love, Zohaib From Zohaib’s Food Reviews.

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