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She’s Got the Chops- Meet Anika from Neeksomefood

Today’s interview will be discussing the Instagram chef Anika Ahmed of Neeksomefood. Anika specializes in Pakistani home-cooked dishes that are easy to make and 100% delicious. Let’s dive in. So the name, Neeksomefood, can you tell me more about the inspiration of the name? Well growing up my friends would call me Neeks and I […]

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Most Underrated Vegan Food That All Non-Vegans Should Try

By Kristin Schallhorn Vegan food has a (very undeserved) reputation for being flavorless, which causes some meat-eaters to run away from food with a “vegan” label. But if all vegan food was labeled as such, you might be pretty surprised how much vegan food you actually eat. Oreos, Jell-O, Twizzlers, even Betty Crocker’s Bacon Bits are […]

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