Motivational Monday – Little Caesars lives out the mantra “Whatever it Takes To Make That Money My Guy”

I guess Little Caesars ran out of Little Caesars so decided to start selling (IMO) a better product. Peep the DiGiorno’s Boxes…. this can’t be happening right in front of me — vin🏁 (@vinandwesson) October 6, 2018 Oh but it doesn’t end there. Check out the following tweets. @vinandwesson “ats” both the Little Caesars’ […]

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Netflix Top Picks for Late September

Hi there! Sorry about the late post this month. I didn’t get much of a chance to watch too many Netflix movies but here are the following top shows/movies I watched this month:   AMERICAN VANDAL SEASON 2  Peter and Sam are back at it again and going hard on a new case at St. […]

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“Tariff” by Fiqry Kleib

Tariff   They ask for my thick skin Is my god truly a sin? Are we preaching fear? Is your love paper thin? Does it bring you to tears? No? Because it should   Sun-kissed melanin Young brown man Do not seek reclamation No one will ever be your biggest fan Don’t do that! No […]

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Most Underrated Vegan Food That All Non-Vegans Should Try

By Kristin Schallhorn Vegan food has a (very undeserved) reputation for being flavorless, which causes some meat-eaters to run away from food with a “vegan” label. But if all vegan food was labeled as such, you might be pretty surprised how much vegan food you actually eat. Oreos, Jell-O, Twizzlers, even Betty Crocker’s Bacon Bits are […]

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Shabab’s top 10 favorite Cardi B songs

10) Get up 10 “Went from making tuna sandwiches to making the news, I started speaking my mind and tripled my views” A strong opening song to her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, “Get Up 10” Cardi B bursts through the door; introducing herself the world. 9) Best Life (feat.Chance the rapper)   “Ain’t no […]

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“Why Not Now!?”

Human beings, I think, love to devise ways they can avoid doing a chore or anything relatively laborious, from going to work to going to the gym. We will literally do anything to avoid a little work. Personally, I’ve always struggled with thinking before doing a task, even when the task is simple, like….. washing […]

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Packing Happiness

By Ali Khan Flashback to August 2016, I just returned to the States after a week-long life-altering trip to Jordan with Helping Hand (An NGO that focuses on Relief and Development). Without going into too much detail, I had a unique opportunity to visit refugee camps consisting of people predominately displaced by the Palestinian and […]

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EP 09: rapper Anik Khan discusses his come-up, representation, hip-hop and more

In this week’s episode of “What Muslims Look Like”, rapper Anik Khan joins us to discuss his come-up story, his affinity for hip-hop, association to Gary Vaynerchuck, Jidenna and Hasan Minhaj, and much more. We hope you enjoy this conversation half as much as we did! Check out Anik online: our social […]

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What Muslims Look Like

EP 5: Artist, scientist and philanthropist Raeqa Mahmud discusses “doodles4change” and much more

In this week’s episode of “What Muslims Look Like”, artist, scientist and philanthropist Raeqa Mahmud sat down with Shefa and Ayyan to discuss her NGO, Doodles4Change, and how she is leveraging her passion for art to benefit underserved communities in Bangladesh. Follow Raeqa: Our social media channels: Twitter: Instagram: […]

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