TBB Featured Artist: Tiara L’Hommedieu

Name: Tiara L’Hommedieu


Instagram name: BloodyDamnit


Age: 23
Ethnic Background / What do you identify yourself as?: Black, Armenian


What inspired you to create art?: I’m not sure anything inspired me. I just needed to do it.
Source(s) of inspiration?: Books, identity, social justice.


Artists you are inspired by: Kehinde Wiley, Clive Barker, Alex Kavensky, John Willian Godward


What memorable responses have you had to your work?:  For my Black Lives Matter Paintings, I liked hearing that they either changed the viewers mind, or made the viewer cry/feel something for the victims and their families.


What’s the message you are trying to get across with the pieces you’ve done?: It depends on the painting and what it is for. For my senior year of college at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), I painted about black victims that fell at the hands of police brutality. Those paintings were for social justice and a plea for change. My every day paintings, I make to make myself and others happy.


How do you spend your time to get into the creative process?: I read a lot of the time. Others, I look up other artists. But most of the time, I open a 3d rendering program and start playing around until I get something I like.


Favorite pieces you’ve made and why?: My favorite pieces that I connect to on an emotional and personal level are my Black Lives Matter paintings. But the piece that I makes me the most happy, is a painting I did of a mermaid called, Sweetly Drown You.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? If you don’t like it, scrap it and move on or just try it again. I have started many paintings and decided halfway through that I didnt like the direction it was going in or have become frustrated with the process. Sometimes, I scrap that piece completely and go onto another idea, or I completely start the painting over. Nine times out of ten, the second time around I am much more pleased with the outcome.


Can you send examples of your work, that we can share on our site?
Absolutely! Here is a large collection of my Black Lives Matter paintings : https://www.tiaralhommedieu.com/blm/ I’ve attached a handful.
The others are my digital paintings that I paint daily to bring a bit of happiness and light to my life.


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