For the Culture: Meet Artist – William Isaza

Name: William Isaza

Instagram name: abunchofmonsters

Age: 24

Ethnic Background / What do you identify yourself as?: Latino, Colombian American

What inspired you to create art?: I have always been drawn to art and to creating art.  When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was to draw Pokémon cards I collected. I realized I had a talent for drawing when I was young and ever since then art has been a part of my life.

Source(s) of inspiration?: I draw inspiration from many sources, as subject matter in my art varies. Nature is always a big influence in what I make, I love plants and animals. Video games like Legend of Zelda and Pokémon have also been major influences. When I draw monsters there is no real deep meaning to the monsters and they aren’t a metaphor for anything. I simply draw them so they can exist in our space. I like to think I’m discovering these creatures not creating them. The universe is incredibly large and it would be naive to think that some of the things that exist in our imagination don’t exist somewhere in this vast universe.

Artists you are inspired by: Van Gogh is my favorite artist and perhaps the most noticeable influence in my work.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?: the most memorable response I’ve had is a moment I often reflect on as well. In college during my portfolio review my life drawing professor had finished his critique stating if he found out I wasn’t working in a career with art or if I had stopped making art he’d find me and kill me! He said it would be a waste if I was not applying my skill to the arts and that has stayed with me since that day. It was said jokingly of course and he was one of my favorite professors. To have him believe in me that way was inspiring and I reflect on it when I’m feeling discouraged.

What’s the message you are trying to get across with the pieces you’ve done?: for the most part my paintings are the only pieces I really try to put any meaning into. To me the only things worth painting are the things I love. I use paint to try to express my love in a way that only I can.

How do you spend your time to get into the creative process?: generally when I am preparing to paint I take time to get set up by listening to music. When I am painting I try not to think about What the finished product will look like too much, I just try to react to the last brush stroke, to keep the pace flowing without thinking.

Favorite pieces you’ve made and why?: one of my favorite pieces that I’ve made yet is a clock I painted. It was a unique canvas to work on and I enjoyed painting it and it simply looks beautiful. I enjoy that I get to look at it all the time it’s a piece I’d prefer to keep to myself

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?: some of the best advice I’ve received is the most generic advice you hear all the time: practice makes perfect. It is a simple thing but it is the only truth. You cannot master something without thousands of hours of work put into it. There is no shortcut to drawing or painting well and you should always strive to improve yourself.

Can you send examples of your work, that we can share on our site?:

@abunchofmonsters on Instagram and a bunch of monsters on Facebook!

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