For the Culture: Meet Artist Fatima Baig


Fatima Baig

Instagram name:

Fatima Baig | fatimarbaig

Age: 34 yrs

Ethnic Background / What do you identify yourself as?

I belong to the Wakhi- Pamiri community of Hunza Valley in the northern areas of Pakistan. I identify myself as “Stardust floating through the cosmos- Current location: Earth”.

What inspired you to create art?

I’ve been drawing since childhood so I don’t remember what exactly inspired me to get into arts. As a child, I used to cut out drawings from kids’ section in the newspaper and collect them in my scrapbook. Maybe it’s the idea of art itself that inspired me.

Source(s) of inspiration:

Dreams, Night sky and beauty- with all its meanings in all its forms.

Artists you are inspired by:

Saeed Akhtar!! He’s a legendary painter, an icon in Pakistani art world. The beautiful strong women in his paintings have been my inspiration since childhood. My favorite graphic artist is Malika Favre and among Pakistani digital artists, I like Mahoor Jamal’s work.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I really appreciate every single comment and message that I get. There was one specific comment on one of my artworks that said:

“This makes me feel good. I mean that in the best way, like I was scrolling through and saw this and stopped, smiled, felt warm.”

Still makes me smile. (And a little less useless!)

What’s the message you are trying to get across with the pieces you’ve done?

I use my work as a medium of expression- of how I feel or what I find beautiful. It could be a portrait of a beautiful woman (real or fictitious), it could be the cosmos or both in one piece. My work is very simple and I like to leave it open for the viewers to simply enjoy it or feel whatever it makes them feel without boxing it in.

How do you spend your time to get into the creative process?

When I get bored of the computer, I switch to canvas or paper. I find mindless doodling very therapeutic. Concentrating on a single dot and following it making it’s own way across the paper helps me clear my thoughts and make room for something new. For me, it’s almost like meditation.

Favorite pieces you’ve made and why?

My favorite piece so far is Restless. Because it reflects my constant state of being.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

It’s ok to make mistakes if you’re learning from them. Without learning, mistakes are just bad habits.

Can you send examples of your work that we can share on our site?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Social media links you want to share:

IG: @fatimarbaig





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