For The Culture: Meet Artist Nastuh “Miggz” Zalmai

Name: Nastuh Zalmai – “miggz”

Instagram name: @notmiggz

Age: Timeless

Ethnic Background / What do you identify yourself as?: Persian | from Afghanistan | Tajik Tribe

What inspired you to create art?: Im pretty certain I was born this way. My earliest memory is a friend at school, kindergarten or first grade, showed me how to draw Sonic the hedgehog, I was hooked since.

Source(s) of inspiration?: Life experiences, current situations I may be in. Other art in general are some of my biggest inspirations: music, video games, cartoons, movies, books.

Artists you are inspired by: YoungThug, Davey Havok, and the usual: Picasso, Van Gogh, Dali… that’s all I can think of right now

How do you spend your time to get into the creative process?: I don’t consciously do anything to get myself into a creative mode. I think daydreaming and listening to music is probably where most ideas start.

Favorite pieces you’ve made and why?: I made this Afghanistan themed painting for my mother she really liked, so that’s probably my favorite. I did do this small flower mural, with three roses, that was probably the most fun I had, so that’s probably up there in favorites as well.

Can you send examples of your work, that we can share on our site?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep up with Natush’s work through his instagram and personal site:

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