Roots of an Artist: A Cultural Art Experience Not to Forget

Roots of an Artist was my first ever vendor experience as an artist, and I’m happy it was. The people, music, culture, art and food that was represented in that space was inspiring. It was a place where I received tremendous positivity from fellow creators and I even made some new friends. I’ve learned that networking is crucial task at gallery shows, fairs, ect. And there are times where I can be reserved/not interested in engaging. But the amount of energy that was transferring to one another in that room was so uplifting networking became organic. It was a great experience, I even sold a few pieces (yay!). It was humbling to be with the amount of talent I saw in that room. Everyone had vibrant work, and I connected with so many people I wouldn’t have had the chance to If I didn’t participate in this event. All in all 10/10 experience. I even had the time to speak with Jose Tutiven and Ana Jimenez, organizers of the event.

So Ana how are you feeling right now?

I feel good Now that’s everything has settled, it was a really good event.

I want to know, how was it setting up?

I mean it last minute. I envisioned a walk through and have tables on both sides of the room and people could navigate between the tables and I thought it was successful. You had a set up, how did you feel with your table?

I really enjoyed my spot and I felt very comfortable being there. How does it feel to have the kind of turn out that you did today?

So we knew there was going to be traffic today, we just didn’t know there was going to be  this much traffic. We had waves of crowds coming in throughout the day and that was really nice. 

And were you happy with the quality of the work the artists produced today?

It was great to see all the artists and their own style represented today. Everyone is so talented and it shows that a lot of us are hidden in Long Island. I like how this show incorporated people of color because we are hidden on the Island. It was great to see everyone and it was a stepping stone to create more events like this in the future.

How did you find all of these great artists to present their work?

 I started doing art in the past year or two, so some of these people are from shows I’ve been in with. And then you know you post out the flyer and they hear word of mouth and they say  “Hey I want to be a part of this I’ve never done this can you give me a chance?”.  And they might like it or not but at least they’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like and they got to present their work.

And I love that and I think everyone had a great time today.

Jose, how about you how are feeling?

You know, Im feeling really good  this is such a successful show. I’ve been doing this for about a year and this and I’m so proud of myself and Ana this was the biggest show to date.

I really love the amount the artists that were here today. How did it feel to have to change locations so suddenly? I know there was another venue you were promoting for some time. How’d it feel to have people regroup and change to this venue?

I mean 100% we had to make the change due to business issues and it happened. But the fact that we had everyone to agree to change the location and not have an issue with it is super amazing. I feel that makes us closer as a community and shows us that there’s no barriers with what we can do.

And it wasn’t even that big of change it was a move down the street which was awesome. Now I spoke to Ana before this in regards to the layout of the space how was it for you getting it organized?

I mean so i’m from Ecuador and we have a lot of fairs that happen over there, so when I got to take a look at the space beforehand I thought ‘Ok I want it to look like a fair’  and thats why it was such a free flowing space.

Definitely, I agree I had no problem getting around today. And it was a really respectful crowd of artists today. Did you have to vet for any of the artists before allowing them to display their work?

So in reality, I make art myself, so I know how the struggle is to get into shows. So i wanted to make it a space that allows artists to display work thats not “cut out” for galleries. And thats in quotations because everyones work is amazing no matter what. So the way this goes was if you submit the work and you agree to be professional enough, you’re in the show. And that’s all it takes. I just wanted to create a community of artists that could display their work with out judjement and not feeling rejected. And thats all it is.

And you know I really have to say I had a great experience meeting everyone today I got to meet tons of artists that I didn’t know existed and that what’s so great I got to meet artists that were my neighbors essnentially.

And what’s crazy is that we don’t realize all the great talent that’s around Long Island and there is so much. The amount of it you would never guess. And thats what I want to create, that community that can be in the same space and share the same purpose.

One last thing, could you be able to share some pictures of the event?

Actually I hired local professional photographers to capture the whole event. So whoever reading don’t worry you’ll get to see what this was about.

you’re not able to see everything from that night. Here are some photo’s of  some of the IMG_0592.JPGtalented artists I had the pleasure of meeting that day.



IMG_9984 (1)


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