Take the Scenic Route, It’s Good for You

It’s a blessing to have grown up on Long Island. To some that may sound strange but I’ve always been amazed at the green scenery and plethora of parks/recs we have available to visit. Whenever I needed to go off the grid and reconnect with my thoughts I found going to a park and being outdoors to be one of the best ways to do that. Throughout my time living here I found my favorites that I visit time and time again. I want to share these places with you all for their uniqueness in each location will surely have you returning. My favorite times to visit these spots are during the late summer/early fall months. So I’d try to take advantage of the warm weather while you can!

1.Avalon Park in Stony Brook

Walk through the sunflower field to discover a large reflective installation orb that can only make you question “why?” followed by the rebuttal “why not?” Or park yourself up by the lake with a blanket and sketchbook under she shady willow tree which branches dip into the water. Just be careful for the goose and swans and place a blanket on the ground to avoid their…well you know. Get lost in the labyrinth or  become charmed by the small ponds you spot along the path. Dogs are also allowed here, just watch out for snapping turtles gettin them! 



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2. West Meadow beach Setauket

A work out with a view. Run the path thats about a mile long and reward yourself with a view of the North Shore waters. You may be exhausted at the end of it but hey, hard work pays off. I’ve used this spot too as a wonderful place to watercolor the sunset in the evening or simply be in awe of the beautiful sunsets in that spot. 

I actually can’t find any photos offline that best shows it off, but here is a great yelp review!


3. Sunken Meadow Beach

Another workout with a view, walk/run the boardwalk for a panoramic view of the beach. Pro Tip: If you’re a photographer you’ll find some great content at sunset where all the fisherman prop their rods into the sand and wait for a bite. There is always an “awe worthy” moment with a grandfather taking his grandson fishing at this time too. Not a beach person? Take advantage of all the grassy fields if you’re interested in having a quaint picnic. 




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4.David Welds of the Nissequogue

Nature preserve located in St.James, this conservatory has multiple hiking paths to ensure a good time. Walk in between the trails and perhaps see a deer? Just make sure to check for tics! It’s been a while but when I go its usually with a sketch book walking down the main trail. Along the way you’ll see marshy waters, loved ones names carved in trees, the sound of frogs and crickets making chatter. The end of the trail leads you to a cliff eroded by past storms. there’s a side line trail that will take you down to the beach (don’t climb down the hill please it’ll only erode faster that way!) The beach is connected to private Smithtown beaches surrounding it. Past forgoes make the space interesting with drift wood sculptures. During low tide I suggest taking a clim up on the large rock shown in the slides. You get a nice view of the water from there.



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I hope the viewers of this find these locations beneficial to their mental health. I know I have. When you isolate yourself with nature and have time to self reflect, beautiful things happen. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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