Collaboration for Education: Dafa Hoja & Emmen Ahmed’s new line will help educate children in Pakistan

Pakistani-American clothing brand Dafa Hoja recently collaborated with lauded artist Emmen Ahmed to create the Inquilab Zindabad (“Long Live the Revolution”) collection. This line is geared around highlighting the importance – the “revolutionary” force – that education plays in the lives of children in Pakistan and around the world. All proceeds from this collection will go straight to The Citizens Foundation (TCF), a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Pakistan that provides education for those who can’t afford it. For Emmen, the work that TCF does in empowering children is of the utmost importance.

Snapseed 4

“I chose TCF because I really believe that education is the stepping stone to solving the worlds issues.[Education] is like a ladder out of a hole, where each skill you’ve learned and built off of becomes each step out of the hole. I really loved how the organization wants to provide the first few rungs in the ladder for these children, to be able to launch them into situations where they can pursue higher education or even be educated enough to earn for themselves and their families. “


To learn more about the collaboration and to purchase the apparel, check out their website. Be sure to follow both Emmen and Dafa Hoja on Instagram!

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