EP 10: journalist Tibian Ahmed discusses the media, growing up in NY and anti-Blackness in the MSA

Hey, Salam! I know it’s been awhile since our last episode, and we’re so sorry for that. Juggling school, work, family and more has been challenging the past few months, and sometimes you need to take a step back in order to take two forward. We also wanted to ensure that when we do put an episode out, that it would be one of value and of the highest quality.


Episode 10 of What Muslims Look Like, featuring Tibian Ahmed, is exactly that and more. Tibian is an alumna of Stony Brook University, where she studied Journalism. She’s written numerous articles and been featured in a wide variety of publications, created a documentary on the Muslim experience and is a really generous and humble person. In this episode, we discuss the anti-Blackness in the MSA, growing up in post 9/11 New York and our experiences at Stony Brook. I really enjoyed chatting with Tibian, and I believe we can all learn a lot from following her example.


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