“Why Not Now!?”

Human beings, I think, love to devise ways they can avoid doing a chore or anything relatively laborious, from going to work to going to the gym. We will literally do anything to avoid a little work.

Personally, I’ve always struggled with thinking before doing a task, even when the task is simple, like…..

washing the dishes.

In and of itself, washing dishes is a super simple task; it takes about fifteen minutes to wipe down a few plates and cups, dry them off, and then place them away. But why is it so hard?

Well there’s so many steps involved:

  1. Walk over to the kitchen
  2. Turn the faucet on
  3. Pick up the sponge
  4. Throw some dish soap on the sponge
  5. Pick up the plate
  6. Rub sponge on the plate under running water

…….. and the list goes on and on

Our brains think of the “many” steps it takes to do something. We struggle to get started, or to “work”, because of all the thoughts that arise before making the decision to start. My solution lately has been to stop thinking. I got tired of mythoughts stopping me from beginning to do something.

“But thinking is something I’ve always done, Zohaib, how do I stop?”

Here are a few ways  I stopped thinking and started doing:

  1. Cut down the steps

I started thinking of the finish line. For example, if I need to wash my dishes, I envision the set of clean plates when I’m done with my task.

  1. Stop asking yourself so many questions!

You can use this mindset for anything, this may even include a job. Should I connect with this manager? Should I choose this job as my career path? Will it help me do this? What am I going to do afterwards?

Try letting your gut feeling make a decision sometimes. Instead of questioning what style of food to eat and searching on yelp for about 6 hours, try going to that restaurant you can’t pronounce. Just say yes to the first thought and remember 9/10 you can always back out. I’ve backed out of a restaurant after being seated many times because the menu was trash. It’s okay!

  1. Don’t let another person’s experience assume yours!

“Hey dude, when I was in your position, I….”


Cut that person off ASAP. Let you decide your fate. This person typically has zero context to your situation and is only going to hinder you from starting to do what YOU want to do.

  1. Ask yourself this one question: “Why Not Now?”

Why haven’t you written the article you wanted to write?

Why haven’t you started that band you always talked about?

Why haven’t you learned that skill for work you needed to learn?

This is literally the only question you need to ask yourself. Hold yourself accountable. Don’t create non-existent or minuscule blockers for yourself.


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