#LiveLessons with Shiv

#LiveLessons is an interactive series with your favorite influencers and content creators where you can ask them directly about their journey #OnTheRise . From tragedy to triumph, we cover it all.

The fourth#LiveLesson was held on Friday, June 29th on Instagram Live with aspiring rapper Shiv ( @ thoughtsfornow). A lyricist with an interesting life story, Shiv is definitely #OnTheRise. I was excited to chat with him about his come-up and the lessons he has learned.

The conversation did not disappoint. We spoke for nearly an hour about the Brown experience, hip-hop and much more. Here were my biggest take-aways:

  1. Action without expectation.

To give with the intention of taking negates the good done by giving in the first place. Shiv wants you to focus on what you can can do for others, not what others can do for you. Always be the one to provide value, without asking for anything in return. You’ll find that giving without getting has its own merits as well.

2. Lay your foundation brick by brick — no gimmicks.

In today’s “clout culture”, many aspiring musicians use gimmicks or chase trends in order to accumulate a following.

Not Shiv. He would rather gain the respect of a small, loyal fan base and continue to grow than to say outlandish things in order to get trending overnight. He’s about to drop his fifth project since 2015, and he will keep grinding until he “makes it big”. Already, he has made noise in the industry, appearing on legendary Desi hip-hop figure DJ Sharad’s Connected mixtape with his song, Technicolor Decisions.

3. Listen.

“We’re skimming through life”, Shiv tells me. If we don’t like a song’s beat in the first 3 seconds, we skip to the next one. His advice? Listen. Truly listen to the lyrics before you formulate an opinion. Instead of focusing on what’s hot, focus on what touches you personally. Music is art, and art should move you, one way or another. Shiv is confident that if you truly listen to his work, you’ll find it to be sophisticated, multi-layered and enjoyable.

Shiv’s latest project, Love At First Sound , will drop on July 17th on streaming platforms everywhere. Check out a dope rapper #OnTheRise on Instagram.


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