#LiveLook: Sameer Sarmast

#LiveLook is a web series created by What Muslims Look Like, a podcast that intends to show the depth and breadth of the Muslim community. Every week on Instagram Live @wmllpodcast, Shefa or Ayyan will connect with your favorite Muslim personalities. Tune in to see what Muslims look like — live. We’re more than what meets the eye.

The third #LiveLook, held on July 24th at 7PM EST, featured Sameer Sarmast , host and executive producer of Sameer’s Eats, the popular Halal restaurant review show on Youtube. His work has been highlighted on Al-Jazeera and the US State Department, among other outlets. Sarmast graduated Rutgers University’s Business School with a degree in Finance and obtained a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Northeastern University. Halal food is an integral part of the lives of many Muslims, and that Sarmast highlights Halal restaurants is fantastic.

We began our conversation discussing the late Anthony Bourdain. A true culinary and pop culture icon, Bourdain inspired countless people from across the world. His open-mindedness and love of learning about various cultures was amazing, and both Sarmast and I commented on how much his work impacted the both of us. His memory will live on in the millions of people he and his shows touched.

Sarmast and I went on to discuss his popular web series. While the show is very important to him, Sarmast is on a hiatus due to work and personal obligations. Every piece of content he created was financed by himself, and many members of his team have also taken on financial and personal obligations of their own. He hopes to be creating new content in the coming months, but in the meantime he interacts with his community primarily through his Instagram, @sameerseats .

Be sure to follow Sameer Sarmast on Instagram to keep up with the best Halal food content out there!


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