How to Unfollow People on Social Media and Live A Better Life in 3 Easy Steps

“Dude, this kid is so extra on instagram”

“Unfollow him”

“I don’t know, it’s weird, he might get upset”

This was the exact conversation I had with my buddy the other day. He was in such an ambivalent state as to if he should unfollow that annoying friend on instagram. Maybe you can relate. Have you ever had that one dude on instagram that always posts up party pics with his grandiose popping of champagne bottles. Or that girl who posts very NSFW pics of her post gym. You feel uncomfortable/annoyed viewing the content and you want it to go away. But why is it so hard to unfollow someone who’s content is so unbearable?

Here are my reasons why:

1.To avoid confrontation

You hate confrontation. You have this feeling in the back of your head that you might see this person some time near in the future and they know that you unfollowed them and they’re going to ask you about it. Well let me assure you…..they don’t. It’s in your head. Fear of the unknown, I get it, but trust me, they’ll care for a minute but will simply unfollow you back. BOOM. No knives will be drawn

2. You’re worried about your following to follow ratio

Are you a brand?

Are you making money off instagram/twitter?

Are you selling a product?

If your answers are no to all the questions above, then to be honest, it’s time to get over your ratio. Listen up, I don’t know if you knew, but you are a product to the instagram platform. They sell your data. So if you’re not profiting off the platform, you shouldn’t care about it so much to be making sure you have the right amount of followers. Post more quality content (or buy followers) to solve this problem.

3. F.O.M.O.

You have a F.O.M.O. disorder (Fear of missing out).  For those who don’t know what F.O.M.O. is, Here’s the definition from google

“anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.”

Everyone lives a fake life on instagram and twitter. Everything is exaggerated. You know it, because you’ve taken part. There was definitely a time when you were at a party that was barely popping, so you grabbed a bottle and got super close with a few buddies and took a selfie for your snap story to give the illusion to the world of how ‘lit’ you are. Well guess what? Everyone else does that and that is why social media is one of the fastest leading reasons for depression in the US. (


After assessing myself, and realizing I should put my money where my mouth is, and I decided “Hey why don’t I unfollow anyone I don’t know anymore or people who post garbage I don’t care about and see what happens”

So, I went from following about 488 people to 182 in a day….and let me tell you…..I feel the most ‘lit’ I have in years.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 4.04.35 PM
notice the F2F ratio…..JKJK

Here’s what I did:

  1. Go through my instagram feed and realize how much I hated the world
  2. Download an instagram quick free unfollow app from iOS Store.

(Here’s a link to the one I used:

A good one for android:

      3. Unfollowed people and turned my phone off for a day


I had only 1 person, my friend, ask me why I unfollowed her sister, but otherwise everything was civil as hell. No issues. No confrontation. Less screen time and F.O.M.O. and more living life in the moment. It’s been an amazing experience.

If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes in the comments below!


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